World Update VI - Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Nothing on MS Store PC UK.

Yes - I’m downloading too

nothing on steam

Nothing yet. US east coast.

It is available in Europe, it was at 3:59pm UK time.
Go to the MS Store, click the downloads and updates tab and click the get updates button.
It’s never been late for every single update. I don’t know why people continue to have problems with this?

Restart your pc’s, then check for updates

Downloading now on US east coast.

not in australia

No need for restarting PCs. My PC was on, I just checked the windows store.

I’m also downloading

Photogrammetry Cities:

Frankfurt am Main

Funny. I successfully entered the game without downloading update. I’m in China.

Restart worked for me MS store UK

US East Coast now downloading. I did restart my PC. Not sure if that did anything or it just allowed enough time to go by for me.

Clicked on “Get Updates”, but it says my apps and games from the MS Store have the latest updates.
I guess they just release it in waves so the distribution points will not get overloaded with too many requests.

Get updates sometimes does not work for me. But if I go into the store to the MSFS page it will update.

Fastest WU download ever! Congrats Asobo

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