World Update

Can we get a hint on timeline and content of future World Updates?

1- USA
2- Central America and Caribbean
3- South America

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Thanks. I wonder if Europe will also be on the list.

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I â– â– â– â–  well hope so, most of the UK (once part of Europe :slight_smile: ) is rubbish for scenery. Only 1 photogrammetry area (Southampton & Portsmouth) and the lake district looks ok.

Did notice my home village (25 miles or so North of London) has changed since last patch.
We now have two office blocks representing the Church where before it was just one. :laughing:
The football pitch has changed from dry brown grass to green and the surrounding farmland has changed from wheat fields to something charcoal grey.

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I can say something similar for Poland. Google Maps has way better qaulity. And I don’t think that we have any photogrammetry at all.

yes gib UK update please

Nope…Oceana will be last I reckon…smallest population, though some of the most interesting flying

UK will be after Oceana but before Pitcairn …

Nobody cares about America, they need to get over it and give Asia love.