World Updated 8 refuses to install crashes when trying to download, also can't update junkers

So I cant download the World Update 8 as it simply crashes the sim when trying to download, also cant update the Junkers as again it will crash the sim during the download. Removed the junkers then it crashed when trying to remove it, removed the folder then tried to download the new version but again crashes when trying to download. I dont know what you guys did in this update but I never had this happen before

Start with this trouble shooter:

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already tried all that, its the ingame content that will not install the game itself works perfect

This is the same procedure for all installation/download problems, not just the base sim.
At the very bottom is a link to part 2.

mine stated my system couldn’t run it… all the downloads just spin in cirles

What exactly did the error say?

this is where I’m stuck?

how can you update B4 a update?..
should I uninstall the last update and try again?

well,… you need WU8 first from marketplace.

Check the common hints in case of update errors, e.g. empty community folder, clean windows hosts file, disc space, etc… You can post the windows event message in case of a CTD and in case it show us some intressting things.

got it all, the xbox interface is a pain… however now I have a CTD issue… never had CTD issues ever till this update weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

thats what it stated is all I’m saying… yes it does sound stupid… but as it sits there saying I ‘own’ it… it also said I needed stuff in the ‘new’ WU8… to work :crazy_face: sorry couldn’t pull that one off ?.. ya know? :laughing:

What version does the sim state you are running?

it’s states the latest however on research I discovered if you have it set to ‘dev’ mode it crashs for now… unchecked that and now no more CTDs… that WU#? update process is still a pain

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That’s a good find, glad you got that part straightened out! :+1:

oh man… the old dev mode thing… will never understood why its necessary to have a developer-mode/tool enabled to can enjoy the sim :roll_eyes:


I do it at times to check frame rates after an update or a change. Sometimes you forget about it like this time

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