World updates and marketplace purchases on XBOX not installing and on continual loop

I’m using MSFS on Xbox Series X via Game Pass.

Some of the world updates in Content Manager don’t complete and reset to the beginning of the update after a few seconds. They just go round in a continuous loop.

I recently bought liveries for the A320 from the Marketplace and that add on installed fine. However, the update for it does the same as the world updates and another add on I just bought (airport scenery) has the same issue.

What all these updates have in common seems to be a reference to part of the update being ‘on disc’. I was wondering if the updates fail because I need the disc version of the game rather than the Game Pass version.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you

Two thoughts.

One, have you quit (highlight FS, press menu, select quit) FS and then rebooted your Xbox?

Two, if that doesn’t solve it, highlight FS, press menu, select Manage Game and add-ons, select Saved data, highlight Reserved space, press A and select Clear Reserved Space.

Thank you. It worked. You’re a legend!

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