World Updates not Appearing in my Content Manager

The World Updates only go up to VI Germany and Austria in my Content list. I can’t see VII Australia, or VIII Portugal/Spain/Andora, etc. listed.

Does that mean they didn’t get installed in my most current update, or they’re there, but it’s an error in the Content Manager screen?

You have to “buy” the World Updates first in Marketplace (they’re free), then you can download them in Content Manager.

Oh jeez! Do I feel stupid now. I can’t remember, have they always been this way? I could swear that the previous World Updates automatically populated after the program was done updating. Maybe I’m wrong.

At any rate, thank you for answering my question so quickly.

I don’t want to seem too picky but because of some people have problems: isn’t it that World Updates first showing up in the Marketplace and from there you select install. After downloading and decompressing has finished you get a button at the bottom were you can go to content manager. The latter being an optional step if you want to see details about the download/install. At least that is what I see on XBox.

Yes, it has always worked this way since the very first world update.

I don’t think it’s you. I’m pretty sure something changed with the way this works. More than one of us remember not having to go anywhere near the Marketplace.

It’s always been this way.

Content Manager lets you pick and choose what software you are entitled to and install or de-install. Think of it as a personal clothing closet.

Marketplace let’s you buy new content. Think of it as a clothing store.

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There’s one little difference there: when you buy clothing the clothing you own is taken out of the store. This is not true for all the FS2020 items: most are still listed in the store (with a tag “owned” however) which should not be the case following your paradigm. On the other hand I see entries for the FS2020 Deluxe and Premium Deluxe in the Marketplace (and you can even vote for them 1…5 stars) but not the base FS2020 package.

The Marketplace always lists your Owned Content. Imagine if you moved to another PC. That installation of MSFS would have none of your additional content when you first install on that new hardware. Then you can go back to download it again. That’s how software entitlement works. You pull from a Catalog, and the Catalog always checks to see if you’re entitled to it based upon your identity.

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Thank you to all who have helped explain the situation. I have since DL’ed VII & VIII successfully.

I believe the main menu used to take you directly to the specific new World Update page where it says “buy and download” for free. Either that or it featured the World Updates prominently. I have never scrolled through the marketplace before. Now, the main menu spits you into the marketplace storefront and the world update is a few rows down amidst all the other store items. They were not even in the featured section! Easy to miss. I had to scroll to see it. I also realized just now I was missing world update 8 and had no idea… probably for the same reason.

Yes knew something had changed just didn’t know what…

They should probably be in a special section of the marketplace or otherwise prominently located. I just had the same problem. It’s easy to forget.