Worldmap airport layout masked by tab

When planning a flight, on selecting the departure airport and zooming in on the worldmap to select a starting position (e.g. specific gate), some of the airport is ‘masked’ by the options tab (e.g. set as departure, etc.)
Is there a way to ‘move’ the tab so that the entire airport layout can be viewed and not partly hidden…?
Thanks for any help…


If it’s an in sim airport the marker, and therefore the options bit too, can’t be moved.

One of the reasons that I use Little NavMap. When flight planning, I can zoom into the Departure airport to a very high level of detail such as gate choice, etc. When departing or arriving, taxi instructions can be planned out because the taxiways are clearly labeled. For instance, departing Denver International (DIA) with instructions to follow through 11 different taxiways. Highly recommended and the price is right…

Many thanks for the replies!