World's northernmost airport is missing: LYR - ENSB

Since I landed there in real life, 11 years ago, I expected to find it in Longyearbyen, Svalbard but it is not marked on the map and I couldn’t spot it while flying above the island. This is a major airport, practically international, since it receives (cargo) flights from outside Norway, as well. The runway is paved and it is over 2km long so it cannot be missing.

Go to what this is like.Hope it helps.I haven looked at it yet myself

I just flew over the town of Longyearbyen, next to the airport. I can see the town during the polar night because the streets are illuminated. However, the airport area is dark and I can’t see it, IF it was placed on the map!

Look it up on Bing maps, and you’ll see why it’s not in the sim:

anyways, report it to Zendesk (the ‘Support’ link in the top bar) and it might get added in a future update.

I have got it from…Reasonable representation…Worth while until Bing maps get their act together.If ever,lol.

But can you actually land on a proper paved runway or does it behave like it is a dirt road?

Paved Runway…

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