Worst Night - 4 Attempts = 4 CTD's

This must be the worst night in trying to get a flight. I have tried 4 times and each one CTD when loading the flight. Getting passed the World Map page and thats it.

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set the temperature of your graphics card to 70 or 75 degrees because the game has temperature peaks reaching around 85 and that puts the graphics card in safety do the test and tell me

Hi, Nothing to do with GC I’m on XBX

ok then i don’t know how to help you i’m sorry

No problem, redaing some posts tonight it seems I’m not the only one.

I am having the same problem on xbox too. I had one successful flight after the world update today, and all 10 times trying to open the sim after that have crashed before I even got to the main menu or the world map. I deleted my rolling cache and restarted the sim, but nothing is working. I cannot even get into the settings to see what might be wrong. Console is updated and everything. No idea why this keeps happening, but I cannot even get into the sim now.


Yeah WU9 seems to have made things worse, after SU9 I was able to get in most of the time but still had crashes I just gave up tonight because they were almost constant.

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This is a bit off topic, but since you mentioned it and someone else did in another thread. If you have an EVGA 3080 or 3080Ti I think you’re going to struggle to keep your temp to 70 or 75 unless maybe water cooled. They just seem to like to run at 82C.

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have you disabled quick resume? I had a problem with my xbox quick resuming from a ctd I had with an addon scenery, have both pc and xbox versions.

Hi, I never use QR I always do a Close/Quit program when finished playing

I l had same problem fine after up date switch off for two hours then could not get past new flight page.uninstall and reinstalling with out
Would update 9 all is fine no ctd

This is incorrect. GPUs are quite happy at 85C and Nvidias own spec for RTX30 series has then run at 83C. They will do this for years without error. GPU temps may cause throttling and bad performance, but will not cause CTDs.

It’s literally Nvidias specification: they thernostatically control fan speeds to maintain 83C unless you alter that behaviour yourself!

I feel your pain, Sir!

well for my 1080 TI when launching the game arrived at the menu or during the loading of the flight my GPU rose to more than 85 degrees and the game crashed! I manually set the temperature limit to 70 and no more problems so I propose this solution for some to whom it could help

#XboxSeriesX - When I first applied the Italy World Update upon launching the Sim it got stuck on the load screen after the progress bar had completely filled in. Back to desktop, quit the Sim, and restarted it. It loaded up, and after waiting for the notification that all downloads had completed, the Sim worked fine. No CTD’s, one 2 1/2-hour flight completed with no issues. Runing 5 addon aircraft and 2 addon airports.

At first, I thought I was dead in the water, but it appears to be working for now. Sorry to hear that so many of you are having issues. Hopefully they will come out with a hot patch that addresses the problem soon.

Just tried for a flight and crashed on the opening screens.