Worth the Upgrade?

Good afternoon,

I have a Ryzen 5 2600x paired with GTX 1660 super and 16gb DDR4-3000MHz RAM at the moment. I was looking into upgrading to a Zen2, Ryzen 5 3600 chip. The price is pretty good right now and I could sell my existing chip. My motherboard BIOS supports Zen2 arch, and my 450w PSU should be enough. That being said, do you think its worth the upgrade for MSFS or not? I’m CPU bottlenecked in many scenarios.

I know there are optimizations to come, and I do plan on waiting for a little while to see what happens. However I just wanted some extra opinions, and maybe somebody is in a similar situation or has recently upgraded? Single core performance is much greater, I think it could be beneficial. Thanks for your input!

It’s always tricky to answer unless there’s someone here with the exact specs you wish to upgrade to. What resolution are you running?

I can share my experience - though that is not going to be very helpful I fear.
My rig is running on an ultra-wide monitor at measly 3440x1440 with high settings and clouds at ultra.
R9 3900x, GTX 2080 Super and 32GB of 3600MHz ram.
I am GPU pegged with CPU at around 25% use according to task manager.

What kind of difference do you see between your CPU and GPU usage? If it’s fairly significant - a CPU upgrade should help.

Thanks for the response!

In the cockpit both CPU and GPU are low on usage. Which is why I am waiting to see what happens in terms of performance optimizations. I am bottlenecked by my CPU here according to the Developer Mode frame monitor.

In external view, my CPU usage is still low however my GPU is almost maxed which is good. It means its being fully utilized. I’m usually GPU bottlenecked here rather than CPU bottlenecked.

I run 1080p

That’s not much of an upgrade, aim to a 3700x to see a tangible performance increase.