Would be nice if the airport lists for departure and destination where in alphabetical order

Would be nice if the airport lists for departure and destination where in alphabetical order.

Topic moved into #self-service:wishlist for community voting of a feature.

I’m sorry, what are you talking about? The list of flights when you’re in the World Map when you select an airport and view its activity?

If that’s what you meant, then I agree if they are not already…

BTW, no offense intended, and I’m not directing this at you, but this is typical of bug reports that Asobo gets from users. Is it any wonder Asobo gets confused? Please write bug reports as if the person you are writing it too has never used MSFS, or even seen it before for that matter. Hmm, is that another wishlist, haha? :slight_smile:

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I think he/she means the recommended airports list, which is really a list of the hand-made bespoke airports. They’re not in alphabetical order.

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My own way is to classify the collected airport plug-ins according to letters… Then put them in whichever airports I want to play. It is very convenient…

I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re saying…

Where and how and why are you “classifying” airports??

What would that have to do with “Arrival” and “Departure” airports??

Why would we need an alphabetical list of bespoke airports?

It’s easy enough to look at the world map to see where bespoke airports are. If I’m making a flight plan, I figure out where I want to go by looking at the map.

No offense intended here, but why does everyone think we all can read your minds about what you’re really saying? Please write things out in detail. I’d love to know what the OP was really asking, but he refuses to explain what he’s asking so we can understand him. There’s not really any reason to continue to guess.

I feel so sorry for Asobo in what they must be receiving for bug reports. It’s no wonder things don’t get fixed.

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This is not rocket science. It’s a simple request, so I voted for it.

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Who knows what you just voted for. He didn’t explain what he was really asking. It could be anything. The 3 people who tried to interpret his question came up with 3 completely different things.

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I give up! The negativity is just to much to deal with.

So, now, maybe you will end up getting them in “Negative” Alphabetical Order ?

In any case, would it not make more logical sense to have them in Distance from flight plan’s last waypoint order.

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