Would it be possible to disconnect AI ATC from AI Piloting?

I noticed that currently AI ATC is required to be ON when AI Piloting is enabled. However I expect this is currently causing issues where when you try to use AI Piloting to fly to a custom nav point using IFR, it doesn’t always seem to want to do that and often times AI ATC will request a landing if your origin airport is also your destination - shortly after take off.

If this doesn’t make sense the behavior can be observed under the following steps:

  • Choose any airport as your departure
  • Choose the same airport as your arrival
  • Set IFR flight rules
  • Choose a custom marker and add it to your flight plan
  • In-Game turn on AI Piloting
  • Notice that after take off - sometimes AI ATC will announce it’s intention to land, right after take off - without actually flying to the custom marker you have set.

In the Flight Assistant options, you’ll notice that when “AI Piloting” is enabled, AI ATC is greyed out and also enabled.

I would imagine that if it were possible to turn OFF AI ATC in this scenario, it would not request a landing right after take off and proceed to the custom marker as normal.