Would it make sense to re-enable memory optimisation for DX12, in case Nvidia can't fix it until SU10?

Asobo, could you give us back DX12 memory optimisation which got disabled in Beta 3 even if Nvidia is not able to fix it until the release of SU10?
I know that there have been issues with artifacts on certain systems.
However for me and many others the sim was running great, despite having a Nvidia card as well.
I have a 3080 (12GB version) and I had the smoothest experience ever. Now it is stuttering mess.

Before Beta 3 at least half of us were able to enjoy a smooth sailing sim, now it is bad for everyone.
Why disabling it completely when it was working for some users if there is the option to go back to DX11 for those being affected?

Edit: Of course I would rather have it fixed correctly before releasing SU10. However, in case Asobo/Nvidia is not able to get it done until the release, I would suggest re-enabling it, so at least some of us are able to use it in the meantime instead of having to wait until SU11.

LoL. How sweet.

None of the DEv’s will ever read your “Petition”. This is not how it works.

SU10 is already postponed due to the issues with DX12.

Be patient. It’s done when it’s done.


Makes me wonder why they have a Forum dedicated to give them Feedback about the Beta then.


Dont know. Ask the Developers ^^ They never engaged here in the forums and I doubt they ever read one of our posts. I’ve learned my lessons in the past 2 years.

But I’m courious, why did you start a “Petition” for an issue the Developers are already working on (hence the delay of SU10) and they already communicate that clearly?

I would love to get Beta 1 or 2 back at least as an option to use if I want because I did not have a single issue with it.

It was way better for me then the current 4th Beta Build.

So if Asobo COULD deliver it as an option to use…without others getting harmed, it would be great!


I know they are working on it and I have no problem waiting for the possible fix. I think that you didn’t read my whole post though. I was talking about re-enabling memory optimisation IF Nvidia is not able to fix it until the planned release date of SU10.
My worry is, that if they are not able to fix it until the planned release we would have to wait until SU11.

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I think they will not re-enable a broken feature again with half the user base outraged and flooding the forums with tons of complaint posts.

At least I hope not.

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the thing is, just because it was working fine for you doesn’t mean it was working well for others… so you’re effectively saying “I want it to work well for me and screw anyone else”

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Of course I agree with you there. English is not my first language, but I never said anything about screwing others I think. All I was asking for is that they should re-enable it in case they don’t make it in time.
That way at least those who don’t suffer from artifacts are able to use it. Now nobody can use it. I am simply talking about numbers here.
I don’t get the outrage.

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it was removed for a reason because it wasn’t stable across many different systems. Give them time to work with Nvidia to find a proper solution…

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I think you are misunderstanding what I am asking for.
I have no problem for them to wait with the Release of SU10 until they fix it. I am just asking if they would consider re-enabling it, if they don’t manage to fix it until the official release.
I get that it was broken for a lot of users. But for some it wasn’t. In its current state it is broken for everyone.

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I understand what you are asking - but just because enabling it is good for you doesn’t mean it’s good for others… you may be happy but there may be many others who might not be…

Let’s hope they can find a solution that suits everyone in two weeks time


BUt if it is an option to turn on and off then those who have problems can turn it off no?


You already have that Option…turn DX12 on/off

Jeez folks, give them a bit more time to get this right. Nobody wants a broken core feature.

Or have it as a user selectable option.

There are already experimental features, this would just be one more.


I am not talking about rushing. I am sure everyone wants them to get it right and I also don’t mind waiting even longer for SU10 in case they need more time.
I only asked if they would consider reenabling it if their deadlines are fixed and they HAVE to release it, whether it gets fixed or not.
In THAT case and only in that case, I was asking to re-enable this feature instead of having us to wait until SU11.

Exactly. If I am not mistaken DX12 is still in Beta anyways.

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That way it’s not forced on anyone. As others have written above, not everyone had a positive experience. And aren’t happy to see it return.

However some posts read as “We can’t use it, so we don’t want you to either” which isn’t nice.

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I’m sorry but I cannot agree with this “petition” at all, the Devs are fully aware of the situation and as per last night’s Q&A they are working on it. This thread won’t change or alter their workload on the issue one little bit, if you’re gonna petition for anything then the God awful Horizon Line bug that’s apparently “buried deep in the code” would be an item I would choose over this!


Exactly. The problem is known and they are working with Nvidia. Let´s do things properly. The rushing is what brought us where we are now. We need a SU10 that works well, not a beta of another beta.


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