Wouldn't it be fantastic if taxi signs were automatic

Have to say the most monotonous job with building airports is going up and down each taxiway and putting in all of those signs and typing them up and it’s also it is such an easy thing to get sort of muddled up, lost and forget to put them in… Especially if it you fail to find a systematic way of doing it… Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they were automatic in a way that taxiway signs populate when you build these airports…
Also is there a way to put those painted taxiway signs on the tarmac like you see at some airports

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In my opinion, no. :slight_smile:

But, since you asked, I’m pretty sure there is a command to build automatically build taxisigns. Look around, I thought I saw that as an option (and thought to myself, “Who would want to use that??”)(jk)

If not here, maybe check out Airport Design Editor by @ScruffyDuckJon , maybe it was there that I saw it?

Next time I’m editing an airport I’ll look for it.

Jeeze talk about being the fun police or a strict army officer making us do all the hard work​:yum::joy::joy:

I’m very intrigued about this other airport design
product??? I thought…
Brilliant, a product that I can productivly use to fill in time while I’m doing a long haul flight…

I downloaded it, opened it and had abso"finglutly no idea on how to use it when I thought . Oh I’ll just type in a airport that I want to fix and “nothing” so back to the buggy, tempermental, if you peve me off I’m going to CTD your unsaved project… SDK I went…

Is it better to use than the inbuilt SDK… Can I use it to fill in time while I’m flying. I just couldn’t get beyond the first bit when I opened it and typed my airport thinking it will magically appear and I can get straight into fixing and building

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Soooo, the way I use it is to quickly create projects from existing airports so I don’t have to redo everything. Makes for a nice starting place.

IOW, I’ll open the program, and have it create a project from whatever airport I want to edit, and it’ll make a copy of the whole thing from stock and create a project for it. Then, since I feel more comfortable in the in-game Scenery Editor, I’ll do the rest of the work there.

But, it’s got lots of tools for editing airports. It’s a program that’s been around forevah, that he rewrote to work with MSFS. I used to use it all the time back in FSX days as you could import backgrounds from Google Earth so it was really easy to use since FSX didn’t have a lot going on scenery-wise you had to worry about. For me, it’s easier to edit in-game now.

BTW, if you select the Airport element in the SDK In-game Scenery editor (with the name of the airport and where it is, etc, where you add the star to the airport), there’s a blue button on the bottom called “Generate Taxiway signs”. I haven’t tried it myself yet.

Cheers mate thanks heaps for that
I have an issue now. I started this airport before the sim and SDK update. now when I go into my airport, I can do certain things but others result in a complete freeze. If I want to add runway lights and see what ones I want by going into night on the game it freezes and I need to close program also building the project results in a CTD. Was there something I needed to do before SU5 or SDK 14

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So, I had been having freezes because of a controller plugged into a USB hub. They said they fixed that problem, and I haven’t had any issues since.

The thing is, if it’s only freezing… wait, give it a few minutes, it will likely come back.

Make sure all parking spots you have are connected to taxiways, and that you have a fully connected network including runway taxiways. That would be my first check.

Other than that, a couple of my airports cause the game to crash after I close the project and try to return to the main menu, other than that, I’m not having any other issues. All the airports I’m working on were created prior to SDK 14.

So I did a bit of basic troubleshooting, found that installing the update sdk didn’t remove the old 13 version so I uninstalled it and uninstalled version 14 and reinstalled it, started MSFS and closed it and restarted the laptop.
Got into MSFS… CTD
Tried again and got into the game and got to the airport that I am currently doing, opened my current saved build and everything seemed fine and fast but as soon as I change the time, so I can see and adjust lights etc… had a “OMG its working” moment… “moment…” then it froze… left it for a good half hour and it’s still as frozen as Olaf the snow man lol
That USB hub thing you mention… I have a cooling pad and my wireless mouse attached… Surely that isn’t a problem is it?! If not what else can I do, or am I consigned with flying for the next two months

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It should have come back sooner than a half hour if it’s the hub issue, however…

Unpowered hubs… throw them away.

Powered hubs are… ok-ish… but that’s what was causing me problems. My only controller plugged into my powered hub. I’d never put my mouse in a hub, it’s too important to the operation of the computer.

They did fix the issue in the game it seems with hubs, I haven’t seen the pausing problem since the hotfix. Before the hotfix, I’d unplug and plug in my throttle controller to get it to work because it often wouldn’t be connected when I’d start the game. It would react in the Options/Controllers window, but nothing would move inside the game. Unplugging and replugging it in would get it working, but, 30 seconds or so later the game would stop responding for a couple of minutes.

In your case. It may be trying to poll the mouse, but can’t, perhaps the mouse reconnected at a different hardware address? Do you think it’s frozen because your mouse isn’t moving? Did you try moving the pointer with your mouse pad on your laptop?

What happens is the connection can be intermittent with hubs, and, with unpowered hubs, it could also be an issue of not enough power being delivered to the USB device. Did you happen to notice if maybe you have the problem when the cooler turns on. My bet is the cooler is getting it’s power from USB, and it may suck all the power from the mouse, even if just for an instance.

These are not necessarily the problem in this case, but, USB connections through hubs are generally an issue for lots of programs.

In general, however, I will say I haven’t had an issue with freezing with the Scenery Editor.

Well, hmmm, one thing that is new with v. 14.0; there is a warning window that tells you you need to export your software, not just build it. And it commonly pops up under the console window so you can’t see it. It seems like it’s frozen, it’s just that the window behind has the focus, and the only way out is to click it closed. The way around it is to hit the ` key to close the Console window. Then you can click the warning window closed.

Along those same lines, I assume you’ve realized that all the windows of the Scenery Editor have to be within the bounds of the game window or they don’t work properly. And I’ve had issues in the past with working with the Scenery Editor when the game is sized at full screen, I always use it in Windowed mode.