Wow is all I can say

The setting up of VR for a newbie PC owner would have been impossible without guides on here and the interweb, it’s a faff that should have put me off with all the tweaking to get it to run without stuttering and something I hope they sort out for the future, but oh my is it worth it…haven’t used pancake mode since I got my quest 2 a couple of months ago and last night was the best few hours flying/simming I’ve ever had…

Took off from Lukla in the Powersolo, turned right and headed upwards just being blown away by the scenery and the sheer size of the snow capped mountains, only could manage to make it to 20,000 feet :smile:
So landed again and took the MB-339 the same route and it was simply the greatest experience in 40 yrs of gaming ( yes it’s a sim I know) that I’ve ever had, just cruising around and at the top of the world, mouth agog at what can be done these days was quite simply breathtaking and worth all the hours and tweaks and general swearing that got me there…simply stunning in VR :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


VR is the future.
Once you have sorted out your windows and drivers and have the best in sim settings for your system, there’s nothing like VR in FS2020.:+1:


Yeah, I’ve heard that it’s awesome or more then awesome.

Its even better than a ******* catalina wine mixer.

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