WOW! Just simply WOW!

Got my Reverb G2 in the mail yesterday. I’m totally amazed. That was my first VR experience. Was simple as pie to hook up and get running with MSFS. Not a hitch, hic-up, or problem (No guide or manual its that easy). To my surprise, I’m able to run it full Ultra with my 3090. LODS at 2.00 Only thing dumbed down is my Shadows at 1024 and 1024. Couldn’t believe how smooth it is. I thought it was the cats ■■■ in 2d… uh uh. 90hz and I tried motion reprojection. Was super smooth in the air but the ground a little choppy with that setting on. The only thing left to deal with is getting used to the odd touch of vertigo I got on landings. Guess I’m not meant to be more than a sim pilot.


It’s a revelation isn’t it. I can’t go back to 2D…ever!


You will get used to it over the time, keep faith :grinning:

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The fact you have this touch of vertigo mean your brain is tricked and that’s good, but go slowly!

when I had my first headset (Oculus Dev Kit) I made the mistake to do a full evening session. I was sick, nausea, and I had never had nausea before even on a shaking boat. It took me 2 days before I could play again. I have a friend who developed a Pavlov reflex meaning just seeing the headset and it was sick, and he had to send back his headset and never did VR again.

So do little sessions first to make “your VR legs” as we say. Step by step it will be more comfortable.


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… and one day, VR is not impressive anymore. It’s like drugs, you get used to it and you want more! :joy:


I had my DK2 end of 2014 if I remember well, and bought the CV1 as soon as available, and didn’t update from that point. It still give me my amount of pleasure and feeling I adore. More than 6 years and I don’t get used to VR at all, and I still impressed :slight_smile: Oh yes, at some point I added a bass shaker (Buttkicker BKG2) and that added a lot to the immersion. I still have to configure it for MSFS.


Good to hear…my G2 should be delivered tomorrow…looking forward :wink:

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Even after a couple of months of MSFS2020 in VR it still wows me. I was what you would describe as a casual flight simmer before I loaded up the VR release in my valve index.

That was it, one hit and now my desk is swallowed up by honeycombs, my family have banned “flight simulation and all related aviation conversation topics” and my nice 4K monitor looks up at me hopefully but sadly when I step into my office.


I purchased the Samsung Odyssey 49" G9, had it for a few weeks then sold it… could not get used to it. Went back to a 32" monitor and purchased the Reverb G2. Just like the original post, very easy to set up. I absolutely love it. Only thing is the scale in the cockpit feels small. I’m sure there is or will be a remedy for this.

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yeah first time I put a headset on and cranked up a flight sim in VR its pretty mind blowing.

Not sure if you play other games but Alyx or Skyrim in VR is mind blowing too.


I just can’t bring myself to fly in MSFS any more.

You see, I too went through this WOW revelation. But then last week, during a little spring cleaning of my office, my beloved G2 suffered a ‘controlled flight into the floor’ and no longer works.

I’ve tried a couple of flights since, but even with the benefit of running a 4K monitor with pretty much everything on ultra … the experience is lacking. Like looking at the photo snaps of a favorite vacation spot compared with actually being there.

Ignoring the eyewatering cost of replacement, these things are ‘currently unavailable’ around here anyway.

Moral of the story: be VERY careful where you store your VERY expensive headset :astonished:

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Welcome to the club!

MSFS2020 brought me back to flight siming after a long pause, and I started right away in VR, with the G2.

I was completely blown away by the immersion VR offers - I did not do a single flight in 2D - all my flights are in VR. It is indeed like a drug: When I put down the headset the first thing I do is planing my next flight…

I was a real world recreational pilot for 3 decades. MSFS in VR really brings back the feeling of being in a cockpit!


OMG so sorry to hear!!!

Totally is, and no way i’m instantly hooked on vr.

Thank you sir!! That I will

Thank you so very much, I will go at it in steps. I did two back to back flights. The first I turned green on my glideslope and crashed. The second I did land but was in a full speed taxi to get it over with

LOL Digital crack, hook me up

You can also look over the side and into the back :stuck_out_tongue: yeah, bad Dad joke. You will be blown away

aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, I totally get it and have a similar Honeycomb issue with a good sized IPS staring at me.

I did notice that, and did start feeling a bit discombobulated looking around at this dirty old JF Piper cockpit and I did get a feeling that I was jammed in a floating can, and felt tight for sure.