WOW, just wow, how im supposed to land here?

How im supposed to land/takeoff here in this airport? I magically landed anyway.

BRAZIL, ICAO SSYO, Usina Sao Simao


Holy ■■■■ xD Consider this as a landing challange! How many feet is the runway?


did you reported as a bug to zendesk? include the pictures

Well done on your landing and acceptance of this ‘hidden’ challenge :smile:


Looks like a non-standard glide path to RY10!

Forget landing there, I’d like to see you taxi to/from parking!


I think a lot of airports are messed up. I fly mostly in the south east of the US and the highest airport I land at is only 2000 feet up and all of the 15-20 airports I have flown too have been either to low or too high. The map data is wrong or they don’t have a way for the sim to read readily available publicly free data. My home airport is 100 feet to low in the sim, real world it’s 195 feet and the sim has it at 95 feet.
The big airport near me is at 46 feet and the siim has it at 4 feet. Granted it’s only 10 miles from the Atlantic ocean but that 40 feet are a big deal for an international airport. Nav data seems to be wrong or bing maps are wrong. Use real world approach and you will be way off. A 40 foot drop in a 747 is really bad for your back not to mention your life and runway damage.

Thanks for posting this. I took it as a fun little challenge to take off, escape the pit, and then land again with one of the Diamonds.

also, what on Earth is casting that shadow?

Hopefully the toilets are on the downslope.

I wonder if shadows from the satellite photos causes the AI scenery to detect a valley. There’s quite a few places like this in MSFS.


It’s the mesh of the Earth, the airport is below the mesh

I bet the cub could still make it :joy:

exactly. SNTS in Brazil makes this too… There is a “highland” in Brazilian Northeast region which does not exists. Wish I could replace the terrain mesh to this region… Is where I mostly simulate.

Those images need the Inception soundtrack.


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SSYO Airport, A.K.A “The Hole” still exists even after two patches. No words.

Report here

I think world glitches will be fixed with the world update, not game patches.

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I like a challenge! Im going there!

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Still exists after the ‘world update’

Read the contract?