WOW, just wow, how im supposed to land here?

I understand improving areas with World updates but if things are clearly messed up then they should be fixing them in the patches as it could be quite a long time before they get around to some areas and they are not going to do World updates for everywhere.

Of course the community will fix a lot of these problems as well.

Thats why I didnt bought this …

Good for you you still decided to put negative input to the forums. Good job.

I paid and Im still paying the xbox game pass, so, my ‘negative’ review as customer is valid and still EXISTS since ‘release’ day 1.

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South América world update released and still not fixed this hole

They released an Around The World video which featured Central, South America and the Caribbean end of October, but I don’t know that there was a material update for the vectors/elevation data for that region.

No it didn’t, so far only the ‘Japan’ world update has released.