Wow! What A Nice Sim Rig

That’s basically what keeps me from diving deeper into that homecockpit topic… I love to fly smaller GA planes (172, 182RG), larger ones (C208B, Twin Otter) but also the occasional A320 neo. And I have neither time, money nor space to build all of them. I don’t even have a clue about how I could do a nice hot swappable G1000 versus steam gauges generalized SEP panel…

This. Very much. And that’s why I didn’t try VR yet. Plus, when I tried out the VR moon rover simulation (with moving chair) in the German Museum in Munich a few years back, I felt quite dizzy. No need to repeat that everytime I fire up MSFS.

Wearing gloves or a headset while playing a game is not my cup of tea. Guess I have to wait for the invention of the holodeck … :slight_smile:


I’ve built my cockpit to be used in VR.
I flip a switch/push a button IRL and the action is reflected in VR. Nothing beats that feeling :smiley:


I very much recommend watching this video:

I fly exclusively in VR, and for me, there is nothing better at this point for immersive recreation o flight…


this is straight from the poster comments on youtube:

“I run my displays via the following setup. Asus 4090 video board has my three 75” monitors running at 4K, it also has the Capt. PFD and ND monitor attached. That’s four monitors My Gigabyte X670E motherboard has two connecters an HDMI and a Display Port, I’m using both connectors for the upper and lower MFD. That’s another two monitors. The First Officers PFD and ND monitor is connected via a USB C to VGA connector, the motherboard has two of these. Headphones are so you can hear me taking on youtube and on discord. I run FS-ATC Chatter for background ATC canned communications."

how does the PMDG compare to the Zimbo ? I remember your video where you were combining the 2 sims. any progress on that?


I prefer the zibo mod over the pmdg airliner I believe it to be superior, with that said… It’s no fault of PMDG, they are bound by the base platforms abilities and the base platform in XP12 has much more to offer third party developers than ms2020.

Now 2020 has XP12 blown out of the water with the photoreal ground textures and photoreal buildings.


Thanks for the heads up! The bottom line is quite a good summary - Total investments are fairly similar, but VR is more flexible. I agree and the explanations tempt me to try it. Once I have more time for simming and after having settled down (still commuting to work on a weekly basis to 300 km away from home), I’ll definitely give VR another try!

So the guy makes a YouTube video to clear the air of some misleading perspectives that viewers may get about VR from YouTube videos? :man_shrugging:

Hahaha… you have a point here :joy:
But it’s still a good video with an interesting message.

One solution might be to disconnect your monitor and just listen :sunglasses:


I prefer my flight deck over VR for my airliner for a number of reasons, but I think that a heli setup with VR would be nice.

It is nice, because of the great field of view a helicopter offers. But heli + VR has one major setback: motion sickness is VERY likely to occur, particularly when hovering or flying slowly close to the ground!

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@FloSchulz90 @StanTGM VR is good for military type training since they wear headgear already, VR is not used in Airliner training because it is not superior to a full flight deck with wrap around screens.

Hence why the airline industry doesn’t use VR, they prefer dual trainers.

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Given that modern military helmets include augmented reality, this makes even more sense. During my last visit with students at 74 Tactical Air Force Wing in Neuburg, they presented those:

First time I tried VR was with a helicopter in DCS and I felt very sick pretty quickly.
The advice I was given was stop as soon as you feel dizzy and take a break.
Each time after that I could go a little longer each session before feeling bad.

I don’t remember how long it took, maybe a couple of weeks before my body got used to it and now, I can do anything in VR with no problems at all.