Wowww after WU6!

After the first shock (WU6 installation, which would be solved with installing through the XBOX app) and after the second shock (the double lights in sceneries, which was also solved with settings from Render Scale to 100 and less) now I can say Wowwww! everything is going well and smoothly. Thank you Asobo-Microsoft! :slight_smile:


Glad it’s working great for you.

But instead of creating a whole new thread about it, maybe try using the official feedback thread? Then the mods don’t have to merge so many posts. :wink:


Yeah I gotta say this is the best update for me

The new cache setting on ultra ha made the sim very smooth when panning around with my TrackIR

My frame rates are very consistent as well which I’m sure is because of the caching

I still have to manually edit the config file to get the terrain LOD to 4 to an acceptable draw distance. The slider set to 200 is just not far enough albeit the game runs extremely smooth at that setting

I’ve got the LOD set to 3; would love 4 but that’s just too taxing on my old 8700k cpu when flying into cities


Same this is the smoothest best frame rate update yet for me as well, even cranking up the last remaining items up to ultra. I mean REALLY smooth! Doing a little longer flight now… hope it continues. While I’m not a big into FPS with sims it was a spoiler/distraction when it would stutter or constantly change FPS while doing just a taxi.


Agree with @FarMash , this update has been great (after initial install hiccups, but thats for another thread :slight_smile: ) Very smooth, lighting improved.

There are many similar complaining or negative threads cluttering the forum. Positive and complimentary threads are NOT a problem!!


Lucky you!! Now with WU6 I have the honor to join the CTD club!

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The only thing that causes me ctds is setting the volumentric clouds to ULTRA
Set volumentric clouds back to High and no ctds
I’ve had that problem from first realease and still have that problem with SU6

I’m using an 1080ti and 8700K

Interesting how the separate positive threads are allowed to stay while the opposite ones are quickly merged.


Same here, crazy smooth. People say that the patches don’t improve anything, but my PC (rtx3080 32GbRAM i9900KF) could barely move this sim at 15-20fps in large cities with significant stutters only 3 or 4 months ago, now it is perfectly smooth at 60fps.

Also, the issues with the quality of the photogrammetry from cruise level seems to be 100% a thing of the past. Yesterday I joined the FL410 club and take a look at how good Japan looks from up there.

Aaaaand water meshes have been introduced in many locations, this is Naha, in Okinawa (ROAH):

That is not true at all, just go to the general section you have rn like 6 negative threads open, a few of them from the same guy.


Nah, I think it’s time these positive threads and posts get some visibility.


Are you talking about such threads like “Disappointed in SU5” and “Nothing is fixed (WU6)” or “This game has become a mess after WU6”?

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I’m still only using 13gb of a possible 32gb of RAM over NYC, think they’ve over optimised this area (RAM usage) if that’s such a thing!

You sir don’t play in VR to say something like this… :joy:

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well i got to say
since this last update i have totally lost all function with this sim .
main screen starts ,i load a flight plan …all fine …
then press fly …
well it loaded in with about 2 inch left on the progress bar then stays there …
and stays there …and stays there…then as it finaly loads itself it gives me 1 frame a minuet …after trying to re install this sim and not having no luck, even removing the community folder and pasting it back in …
same …have even now installing through xbox app …still same …so as you can imagine .i need help here i think ??

I had this issue, where it gets stuck during loading. I never had the patience to wait forever so I always killed the game and restarted it. But it never got stuck two times in a row.

Ugh, I was all smiles with WU6 then CTD 500 feet before touch down on a 3 hour endurance flight. (for me and the sim it appears). Took off in the evening and watched the sunset on Texas and landed in Austin. Night lighting was greatly improved. Stinks, but I can’t blame MSFS2020 as I’m using the dev build of FBW A320 so who knows.

I sometimes use my oculus rift S with msfs2020 for VFR flights, in no dense area and I am satisfied with it.

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