Write in some lines what do you expect for 27th update

Adverse Yaw Effect

No logbook pop up


LOD improvements and better terrain quality textures at higher altitude


I really want to see a zoom function that works in VR.

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Agree with Maki152, Asobo/MS please give us terrain LOD-200 without tweaks… and improved tree distance.

And please take a look at existing topics… exactly the same question was put earlier,

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Cats sleeping with Dogs
Fire falling from the sky…

I dont expect anything I will be pleasantly surprised though if I get the sim that I bought last Sept.


More birds would be apreciated. You can find birds everywhere in real life, and not in the sim

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I am expecting the forums to be riddled with complaints and don’t forget more XBOX folks to join. Lets welcome they with open arms.
I do not think the update will disappoint though.


AI plane view
Tower view

A bug that somehow made it through testing that dozens of people are going to claim ruins the sim for them.

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as would be sheep and cows. Flying over England and Ireland and not seeing any sheep, is a bit like going to Oktoberfest and not getting any beer.

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…and ants please. They are everywhere in the world too, even in my garden. Miss them in the sim.

(sorry, couldn‘t resist)

Seriously, I hope so much for really significant perf boost in VR. That alone would make me happy.
Ah and replay and easy tower view and controllers in VR

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A lot of bugs… but seriously, Improved LOD and Draw Distance would make me a happy camper.


The lack of concern about sim performance and the subsequent ability to fly in bliss.

Nothing at all. That way I won’t be disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m keeping my expectations in check. However, I’m hoping:

  1. to regain the performance I used to be able to get prior to SU3 / WU3
  2. Fixes to the Garmins, flight planning, and nav systems (WT G1000 NXi!!!)
  3. draw distances and LOD restored to what it used to be

Wind gust function will be fixed!


please continue in the already existing topic:

Thank you.