Wrong buildings with new update

I just installed update and found some new bugs in the autogen buildings location.
So, more northern location more longer diagonile shift for buildings.
Most probably it’s due to different algorithms between photoscenery placing and objects placing. One uses the flat and another uses the sphere model of planet?
The longer from equator then bigger the misstake.
In my case it’s northern latitude 68 degrees.
Does anyone have the same problem?

just try on Bing map:
go to the same place and switch between map view and aerial view… are buildings in 2.5D placed exactly over aerial image? Depending on results might give a hint for this “bug”

Yes, you’re right!
All buildings in 2.5D are shifted diagonally to the same location as in MSFS.
So, what is the bug in that case? Wrong Bing maps?

No, wrong provider; should’ve gone to Google!

Bing = Microsoft
It’s pity that making mistakes in global maps they grow the snowball of mistakes in other products… :pensive:

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or the aerial image is shifted or the buildings in bing MAP… can be detected taking National Agency Maps, OSM and Google images as comparision… who says, that google map aerial image is more precisely positioned?

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OSM Data shift to bing image shift. Happens all the time.