Wrong departure runways in LEMD (Madrid Barajas) since Sim Update 15

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Since sim update 15, at LEMD (Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport), when I request IFR clearance, ATC directs me to runways 32L/32R, which is wrong since those runways are not available for takeoff in any case according to the airport charts. The correct runways for takeoff are 36L/36R, or 14L/14R (depending on whether the airport is in a north or south configuration). Before sim update 15 everything was correct.

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Begin a flight in LEMD (Madrid Barajas) either IFR or VFR from any airport gate or ramp with the aircraft in Cold & Dark mode. If the flight is IFR, do not specify departure SID. Request departure clearance from ATC.

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Xbox Series X

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After sim update 15.

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Fixed in the latest update. The departure runways are now the correct ones according to the airport charts. Thank you so much.

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