Wrong info after flight! Gardemoen -> Karlstad = ESSA -> ESSA?

Not sure whats going on after latest update, besides that there is a huge EDGE in runway 26 of Arlanda (nothing to do with this post, though). But not so nice.

I also found that after flying from Gardemoen in norway to Karlstad, Sweden (In the Mooney)- I get the info that Ive been flying from Arlanda to Arlanda. Whats going on? Yes, that runway issue is reported, but how about the later problem? Want to check here before reporting…


  1. Did it happen one time, or does it happen every time?

  2. Does it happen if you fly from a different airport to ESSA?

Are you now or did you switch in to dev mode and back out? This happens to me now when I go to dev mode to get rid of the spinning circle, when I end the flight it shows start and end at the same airport, and to top it off it shows the info for the last flight not the current one.

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I was never going to ESSA. I was going from Gardemoen in norway to a smaller airport in Karlstad, Sweden. Not sure why ESSA shows up like this. I have not been able to make more trips as for now.

I think you are on to something here, I probably did. Played aroud vid OC and checking fps via dev mode.


Thats it when you switch to dev mode even for a second make the log files not write. Keep dev mode off and you’ll be fine.

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As soon as you enable dev mode in flight, expect any data logged for that flight to be incorrect.

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Thanks everyone.

And if you have the time…please upvote to get the issue with ESSA, Stockholm, Arlanda fixed ASAP. =)


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