Wrong live weather & snow cover in PAJN

Hi all, I am having a strange issue in PAJN (Juneau, Alaska) using live weather. From several weeks now, although the temperature is far above freezing point, the ground is permanently covered by a thick layer of snow. Even now in June, with +11°C. Of course, this is not realistic, I checked live cameras in the area as well and there is no snow.

The cloud coverage is wrong as well, permanently much worse than real conditions, making impossible to land in this airport due to ceiling almost always below the minimums.

Nearby airports, like PAGS, PASI, PAOH, PAPG are all fine, with realistic snow cover only on top of the highest surrounding peaks and much more accurate weather, while others like PAHN or PAGY have wrong snow cover like PAJN.

So, I don’t know if I’m missing something or if it’s a bug. Could someone please confirm the wrong snow cover/weather in PAJN?

I noticed the same thing in BIEG (Iceland) this week. Although the temperature was +10°c and raining the area was covered in snow. Same again for BIKL on the south side of the island. Complete nonsense for this time of year.

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