Wrong route

Hi there I have for some reason I don’t know where it cames from.
I attached ref file for let you understand what I got in my MCDU.
I create a new flight plane from Simbrief load the flybywire stable version with their livery and nothing help the route is wrong look at the arrivle destination, and you will see that the |ELCC| MANCHESTER airport is before the runway.
Can someone help again to solve this issue?

I’m having the same problem with flight plans. Strange added user waypoints or doubled up Stars. I’ve posted up here too but no idea what the problem is yet.

Click the magnifying glass at top left of your screen and type USER WAYPOINT.
There may be some info there that will help…

Thanks still big issue we need to wait for MSFS solution.
Thanks again

What happens if you manually build the route in the MCDU? I suspect it should take about 5 minutes?

Hi I got the same result.
I try to manual programming the mcdu and its the same route.

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