Wrong Runway 09-27 - EDDE Erfurt-Weimar

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The runway is not 9-27. Correct is 10-28. Also, all approaches, SID, STARS, must be adjusted. Please also check the frequencys, taxiways and parking positions. (look at .pdf file)

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you can see it in Bing Maps and in Google Earth

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All World Updates and Sim Updates 1-11 installed. Look at the world map in MSFS and search for EDDE.

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Hello, do you have a current aerodrome chart for this airport?

Here you can find all airport Informations directly from the airport website:


That is from 2019-2020.

I located the information from DFW, Deutsche Flugsicherung. The current runway is 09-27. This page is dated 01 Dec 2022:


Some of the pages after that have varying effective dates, but here is an approach plate for runway 27 dated 01 Dec 2022:


I found the information on the web.

Due to the magnetic field shift of the Earth, the runway was changed to 9-27. But not yet visually.
Therefore, both variants are always mentioned. So it can stay that way.


Hi, sorry for the delay. Yes, runway headings are magnetic, and they are periodically reassessed because the magnetic poles change constantly over time. The actual physical runway stays the same, but they will change the numbering on both the pavement and in charts.

I will be moving this to our new Interests > Scenery & Airports category.