Wrong Simbrief import in SU13 Beta

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No, normal mode.

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747-8 and 787-10

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Wrong flightplan import from simbrief. The route starts with ATUD1D WAV UP312 MAV B403 MUSBI … But in the plane route page it starts with ** B403 RIGAM … **

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1- Create flightplan in simbrief.
2- Import flightplan in FMC.
3- Check route.

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10.34.10 (SU13 Beta but have no idea where to report)

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You are in the page 2/3, not 1/3. That’s why it don’t start at the beginning.

No. Page 1/3 is the main route page where it says From, To, Callsign.
Also this IS the start of the route as B403 is the first airway I am on, it can’t be the second page of my route.

Ok, I just noticed that your screenshot picture tells “2/3” in up right corner. But if you can’t go back previous page, then it is a bug.

That it leaves out the SID ( ATUD1D) is correct I think, but why it leaves out the WAV and MAV waypoints sounds like a bug

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Where is the settings page for the 787 simbrief integration (SU13 beta) I also cant see the settings page for weight and balance as mentioned in the release notes?

  • CDU: Add SimBrief related options in SETTINGS.

CDU > Index > Settings > Next Page

CDU > Index > Settings > Weight+Balance (right soft key 6)

That was really hard to find