Wrong temperatures

Great to see it’s not an issue on my end. :sweat_smile: Clear skies it is! Thanks

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Same, seems anything but live weather works :frowning: No VATSIM today then

Thanks, I hadn’t spotted this and was trying to work out why the performance was so poor today! Just over the English channel - I mean it’s warm in the UK now but not THAT warm!!


Why isn’t there some kind of sanity check for this issue (which has happened before)? Live weather is a great idea, but the simulator shouldn’t blindly recreate obviously wrong conditions. I don’t know how this data is gathered and computed, but it would be better to set some internal bounds beyond which the sim defaults to standard conditions rather than crank out +79 at FL390 and break things.

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Yes - occurred for my flying from Paderborn to Rome - huge fluctuations of temperature all attitudes. Probably a feed issue from metoblue…annoying how these things creep in.

Two-and-a-half hours simming today in the UK and the live weather has been spot on here with light and variable winds with some cumulus bubbling up this afternoon.

I hate this necessity to be on the internet in order to have this thing work somewhat-properly. This cloud-based stuff just sucks. My internet speeds are not always reliable and it is causing a lot of problems. The weather and the live traffic do not work right. It seems like the weather is always a day late and never matches the real world. REX Weather Force is not much better imo.


How does the sim read VATSIM weather? Does it use VATSIM weather sources or does it use Meteo Blue like I hear the sim uses?

It doesn’t read vatsim (or any 3rd party source). It uses metar and forecast model from meteoblue.

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Still messed up. Is it a regional thing?
Wondering why so few complain.

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Not sure. I was flying over Europe. Milan to Brussels. Maybe we should all say where they’re flying when the issue occurred. Just to get an idea if it’s something regional.

I wonder if this Internet outage had anything to do with it?


Northwest Africa (La Palma to Casablanca). Most of the times TAT is way to high (+49°C at FL350).

yeah, I had a TAT of +79 over the alps :sweat_smile:

Must be great @ courchevel with a density altitude of 30 000’ :ok_hand: :sweat_smile:

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There was one last month with the same issue, though they said that a user on the network selected some feature that was bugged and caused that one, they said “We dont know how this could of gotten by our debugging process” LOL!

Still broken …

Live Weather issues have been going on since the very beginning.

Rather than complain or even file bug reports anymore, we should all hope and/or pray for much more consistent (every day all day) worse weather issues (like 100 knot winds and zero visibility everywhere all the time), this way maybe something will HAVE to be done without delay.

Nothing like a crisis to accomplish something good.

lol, there was me trying to figure out why in the WT CJ4, the ITT was going mental above the red line and I was loosing N1 thrust, then i saw +85 ISA!!!

Same situation here. I made a flight from KBBG to KDEN, had crazy temperatures and… I RUNNED OUT OF FUEL around 60 miles before arriving :scream: