Wrong temperatures

I am getting 61 degrees C TAT at FL 330 51 NM west of TFD (Stanfield Casa Grande VOR) and very poor engine performance, after July 30 hotfix. Turning off live weather fixes these issues. Although I am using my own aircraft/panel merge, clearly this is not the source of the problem.


Just rename the product to Microsoft Update Simulator, and we’ll be fine.


Keep working on your joke, it will get better one day

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Why is it so difficult to get air temp right for good… copy paste the old formulas. Or is it meteoblue a bad source now…?


Still the same problem!!! HIGH TEMPERATURE with real time!

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Why would you want do that? It’s not gonna change even if you go back to SU4.
Altitude bug was fixed but temperature bug is still there, hopefully fixed soon.

did a flight near Paro, temp were fine

Both flight I did today with the Longitude had correct temps

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yeah… I read some folks saying it was fine too… Maybe is regional idk. Too tired and dissapointed to keep thinking about this.

are u sure that wss live weather and not preset or clear skies

Just finished a 2 hour flight. Started with temps exceeding 50’C at about FL200. Over the halfway mark and temps came back to normal for the rest of the flight. ATC still didn’t know what altitude to assign me tho, had to turn ATC voices off to avoid the constant telling off. Will try in the morning.

yes I am sure

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I doubt it will be any different in the morning @forkarms it is Friday and I am sure the devs all went home for the weekend.

After hotfix still this issue in some regions and altitudes

im flying now and the temps are goood right now flew out of katl will keeep posted at fl 350 still climbing

You don’t pay a € 70 sim to take a pitiful break from your remarks

I’m currently flying at FL390 (smartCARS reports FL410). My ISA is +4C. Exactly what my simbrief ofp said it should be.

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I’m not angry…or even surprised…just disappointed.


Looks like its fixed, i already made 2 flight with live weather and i get correct temperatures in cruise. SAT: -56°C TAT: -26°C

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yea im flying now all is good so far

Short flight of 30min from EBOS to EBKT and all looks fine, lets keep it that way :wink: