Wrong version of MFS


I bought the version "
Microsoft Flight Simulator: Premium Deluxe" and when I install it, I end up with the normal product: 20 aircraft.

Is there any manipulation carried out.
PS: I had to reinstall after a blue screen and no possibility to restart the simulator.


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@Fioux73 Welcome to the forums.

You mentioned something about installation issues and I recommend you check out this post first.

With regards to the premium content you could also have a look at the ‘Known Issues Tracker’ linked to in the post I linked above.

If none of this answers your question then use the search function at the top of the forum page, the big magnifying glass, and search for your issue as there are many posters here who may have already posted.

Thanks for your answer but nothing related a wrong version of installation.

Is directly a contact for find a solution to MFS support ?

This seems to be an issue for other people as well, who purchased upgrades that appear to be installed but which cannot be accessed. See this thread for more comments.

You can contact MSFS support directly through zendesk and report your problem there by using the “submit a request” link from the top menu. From reports in the thread I linked you can see that MS are aware of the issue now.