Wrong Weather at bush trip

Hello there!
Lately I wanted to try out the bush trips and started with the one in nevada. First couple of legs went without a problem. A few days later I wanted to continue but recognized that the weather wasn’t how it is supposed to be. Immediatly after loading the weather is fine, but after two or three seconds the weather turns to 0 visibility and 35 knots wind. Restarting FS does not help. Using the steam version of the game I went into my FS directory and took a look into the ‘Asobo-bushtrip-nevada’ package. In the Nevada.FLT file I can see the section
I guess that the file Weather.WPR in the same directory is meant with that. If I take a look at that file, the visibility as well as the wind seem to be totally normal.

So does anyone know what the problem might be?

Seems like FS more or less ignores the weather file and injects the free flight weather settings. In my case it was live weather. So I turned off live weather and switched to clear skies.
Maybe I should try out if that also works for me in the strong wind landing challenges :smiley:

How did you swith to clear skies?
I am stuk on Arlanda, Stockholm in the rain, ready for the bush trip Sweden.
the first time it was perfect weather, but I had to restart the sim for some reason.
Now it seems live weather, rain, rain, rain.
Tried switching to scattered clouds in the World Map, but that doesn’t do anything.
\What was your solution exactly?

I think I went to the free flight screen where you can see the world map. There I set weather to clear skies and it worked for the bush trips too. I hope it solves the problem for you :slight_smile:

I tried that. It doesnt work. The two are unrelated.