WT G1000Nxi no Lean/EGT?

I used the WT G1000Nxi before AAU, but haven’t since. There is a LEAN button. It’s now disabled. It provided access to the EGT.

I’m in the Bagolu Skyhawk improvement.

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The WT G1000 works great here. I will have to try the 172 mod.

And I’ll try another aircraft.

I’m second guessing a bit here as I only fly the Bonanza G36IP and with that I:

Select ‘Engine’ with the MFD soft key (No1)
Select ‘Assist’ with the MFD oft key (No6)

That should bring up a display that shows you the divergence from optimal EGT in degrees C and you can adjust the mixture to bring that figure to zero.

Apologies if I am missing the point.

It seems to be an issue with this mod. No “Assist”, and the EGT display on the engine page doesn’t even show a value.

Gotcha - worked just fine on the Bonanza last night so it looks like you’re right. On the bright side I believe that Bagolu is a top guy - he’s involved in the G36IP as well - so I’m guessing you should get a fix quite quickly.


I asked over at Cessna 172SP Skyhawk AS1000 improvement mod - #36 by bagolu


I’ll check that this evening
On this mod, the pages are not modified at all (by me)
That’s not the case on the Reims Rocket were I know the lean page and the EGT values are working.