WT G3000 not working after 1.14.15 update today

After todays update my WT G3000 is not working. Touch screen is INOP?

Any one else get this?

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Also ensure the G1000 mod is not in your community folder

Do you mean the ‘workingtitle-g1000’ folder should be removed? Why?

Yes, that one. Because it makes the G3000 touch screen irresponsive. Apparently there is some unwanted interaction.

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Sheesh - that means they are exclusive! Well, guess no Cessna for me now. It’s all TBM930 then. On that note, I’m missing the TBM930 PFD/MFD color update that I had from flightsim.to , now we’re back to vanilla flavor. Is there any update for that? Would you know?

Wt g3000 and g1000 are both working great after update

Yeah, I didn’t try the latest G3000 mod yet that came out today, especially in combination with the G1000 mod. But it is confirmed by multiple people that the vanilla TBM930 touch screen freezes if you have the current G1000 mod in the community folder.

G3000 mod was updated. TBM working great

You mean G3000 mod. TBM has G3000 not the G1000.

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I updated to the latest version of all three WT mods. TBM is working great

Which versions have you installed? V3.4 doesn’t work, is there another one?

These are the updated WT mods. There is no updated G1000 mod yet, but apparently it is working still OK for the G1000 systems. Not sure if the conflict with the TBM 930 touch screen is still there.

The conflict also occurred with the Longitude. The touch screens froze up?

Haven’t seen any freeze up with TBM or Longitude. Make sure you update both mods as well as the WT mods.

That’s the discord. Go to the GitHub main page to see all the recent updates

What is your point? The github even refers to the Discord for the latest info. Not sure what you’re trying to proof here.

On the Github you will see that the G1000 latest update is v0.3.4 released in December 2020. The G1000 mod is not as actively maintained as the others.

My point is the GitHub is where the releases are. That’s what GitHub does. Until the WT team stops using GitHub, the latest versions will always be there.

P.S. I am a software developer so I am familiar with navigating GitHub.


That’s what they say on the Github page. Of course the code is on Github. The point is you’re saying that the G1000 mod is updated after SU3, and it is not.

Fair point. I edited the offending post. But I also said that I updated ALL WT mods via GitHub and the aircraft is working fine with no problems. I downloaded the G3X mod before it was announced because the release was on GitHub first.

If you want to use the Discord, this is a free country. But GitHub will have everything you need.