WTH? Controls Are completely different

I cannot believe that after all these years, you completely FAILED to bring back FS with the same control mappings as in all prior decades… Completely unusable right out of the box as is.

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I agree!!!

Are you kidding me?? This is just a whine. Not needed for these forums. Thousands of us have figured out the new mappings and you will too. Come on.


Completely unusable out of the box? Are the mapped controls not working? That would make it unusable.

Just remap them to your preferences if you are so inclined like, I dunno, we do all the time for a lot of other non-sim titles to suit our preferences?

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Many, many threads on the Forum already on how to make the sim “usable” …

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Call it what you want. The default controls should have been the same and then YOU can change whatever to how YOU like it. This is what happens when you get the word Xbox attached to it.

My Saitek Yoke and Thrustmaster Joystick both autodetected and mapped correctly.

What peripherals are you trying to use? If it’s not on the list of auto-supported ones, it will still work, you just have to map it yourself.


In the time that was spent creating this thread and replying to others, you could’ve easily mapped your peripherals…


that was a great reply :slight_smile: love it!!!

personally had no issues out of the box, and I’ve been playing flight sims “seriously” since Flight Simulator 95 as a teenager. It’s time for you to relearn or remap IMO.


Just out of curiosity - where is the list of default (i.e., automapped) controllers? I’d like to see how vintage (or not) their inclusion is.

It is not just a sequel but a new sim
And as a new sim it is okay to have new controls, just like new menu, new flightplanner, new aircrafts, new scenery, …

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Again, I am not understanding your comment – my HOTAS 4 mapped perfectly the minute I started this game. Haven’t had to remap anything!

exactly my point. The amount of naysayers on here is baffling to me.

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Here - https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015204020-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-Pre-order-FAQ

Scroll down and you’ll see the list.

The less is taken from the previous sim(s) the better.
Fresh start was and is needed.



Disagree. There were a lot of folks with reasonably good controllers that weren’t ancient (and some of them were Microsoft branded hardware - lots of Precision Pro owners like me on this and the Steam boards) - and they’re no different than some of the single-stick controllers on that list.

Por favor alguien sabe decirme como pongo dos pantallas? Gracias

This is a bit silly really. I had FSX custom mapped to my preference, and I immediately remapped FS2020 to match by FSX setup, took maybe 10mins. Just map it as you want.

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