WU 6 and Bush Trips

I would like to report that there is a problem with the Bush Trips included in the WU6. After you complete the first leg of the trips, the POI indications in the FD panels and the VFR Map desappear. Anyone else has this problem?
Is there a way to resolve this?

P.S. Also only 4 characters are shown of the POI on the FD panel. For example is you have POI24, you only see POI2 the 4 is not shown.

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Bush trips were broken before WU6 in the way you describe. The best chance of working around this problem is to continue straight on to the next leg of the trip at the end of a leg and let the aircraft sit on the runway for a moment or so before quitting back to the main menu.
I have just used this method at the end of the first leg of the new German bush trip and when I loaded the second leg back in things were fine. I don’t know if this will last throughout the flight…
You may need to fly the first leg again to make it work I’m afraid.


Yes I have exactly same problem. After first leg, on the second leg I have no POIs and no route line on the map. Professional. :frowning:

This has always been a problem. You can open the bush trip flgiht plan in Little NavMap and then follow along using that as your guide. The bush trip pln files are in the “Official” folder. There’s folders in there that will have the word “bushtrip” in their title and you can find the pln file inside the folders.

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Ok but I don’t want to get another application so I can fly the Bush Trips , I just want to use MSFS as it was originally working before the SU5. I really hope that Asobo fix this in their next SU6.

The ‘continue to next leg before returning to the menu’ method seems to be working fine for the the German bush trip. I am flying the fifth leg now and still have flight plan and nav log within the game.

Yes sometimes it works, but in case you have a crash and restart the trip then it doesn’t work anymore . Also only 4 characters are shown of the POI on the FD panel. For example is you have POI24, you only see POI2 the 4 is not shown.

I am having the same problem. It actually makes the bush trip more challenging because you can only follow the description in the Nav Log. But of course I want the POIs and path at least in the VFR map. Why don’t you open a thread in the Bugs section so we can vote for it and bring it to the devs attention?

I just did open a thread in the Bugs section also.

I’ve had this issue before SU6.

When I had that happen, I plot a Direct To route to the next Bush Trip stop in the Garmin. That way, I follow the NavLog using HDG mode but on the last stretch I can activate NAV mode and it will guide me to the next airport, then I can plan my landing there. It’s unfortunate, but Bush Trips apparently have been broken this way since SU5. If I press Continue before exiting out to the main menu, the plan stays. However, if the autopilot doesn’t register ALL waypoints as passed, it may want to fly back several waypoints, so at that point I just delete the plan and follow NavLog as I described above. This way I can still complete the Bush Trips.

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