WU VI Austria improved textures...where are they?

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Unchanged winter/summer texture mix since day 1 of MSFS at LOXZ (and other areas)
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I’ve spent the past few days flying around the alps of Switzerland and Austria. Switzerland seems to be a complete triumph - very precise and detailed DEM - the high pass roads such as Grimsel and St Gotthard now have fairly realistic level roadbeds and switchbacks rather that looking like something taped to the side of the slopes. The photo imagery is very clear and high resolution, with realistic colors (mainly), and few noticeable tile boundaries - probably the best large terrain area in MSFS. You can even see a decent representation of the nearly vertical north face of the Eiger.

Austria is a different matter. The DEM is good, but a few notches below Switzerland. It seems that much of the terrain imagery west of Salzburg has been updated and some of it looks as good as Switzerland. The photo imagery to the east including a large part of the Salzkammergut and the mountains to the south has not been updated at all. This was a real disappointment since the botched areas are some of the most well-known and beautiful regions in Europe. Much of the area is covered in snow or is autogenerated fill-in because of cloud cover on the original photos. I realize that it might be difficult to acquire photography of the highest quality and resolution for every area, but it would be better for the sim if MS/ASOBO temporarily used a significantly lower photo resolution with the correct summer season and colors that matched the good neighboring areas.
PS - I’ve tested these observations both with and without any addons. I did not use developer mode.

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I totally agree. I already posted similar pictures in another thread.


Austria is a disgrace. Especially bad around Zeltweg airport and Klagenfurt (LOWK) (north of it). Really bad generally the alps north/west of Klagenfurt. The aerials are unacceptable. A patchwork of small aerials with snow, then without now, then different colours, etc. Very very disappointed.

Switzerland, total opposite. Wonderful. Nothing was done to improve the awful aerial in certain areas.

Don’t get me wrong. I love MSFS, but the aerial images for parts of Austria are a total let-down. I was so sure this would be fixed. Images do exist (not on Bing obviously), but since MS can get photogrammetry when not in Bing, they can also buy images when not covered by Bing in acceptable form.

Well, since it’s apparently not a faulty install on my PC, I can at least remove this WU without any negative effect.