Wu10 & dx12?

Was trying to find info on WU10 & DX12 but didn’t find much. Anyone know if it’s working good now?

No it’s probably not until the next “Sim” update. The world updates don’t amend this.

ah ok. saw in a post from back in march that someone mentioned WU10 as a big one

SU10 not WU10.

makes sense

I think there is a Plus sign next to it which indicates it will not be fully implemented this year

Your question can be answered by a simple mathematical equation : WU10 + DX12(Beta) = Stutters + Freezes + CTD

By the way : I replaced two corrupted Win11-System-Files half a year ago a get rid of the CTD-Problem ! Problem solved !
Yesterday with WU10 I got a new problem : 20 FPS instead of stable 30+ FPS and decreasing the image quality has no effect !

i’m staying far away from DX12