Wu5 download failing

Despite having read and followed the notes about deleting files and restarting both MSFS and the pc, the install gets stuck trying to download “pc-fs-base-bigfiles-0.1.145.fspatch.002” it downloads with various pauses to about 17-19%% and restarts again. It’s done this maybe 20 times now with various exits and restarts.

Surely with adding notes about this matter in the release notes, it’s an admission that it occurs?

Not only that but I’ve to dive in and start deleting files.

If it’s a known issue, then why can’t this be sorted out? Or put a definite reason for it’s occurance.

It manages to download about 1gb before this occurs.

If it’s an issue of server load then simply say “Server busy, retry in a while” sure it’d annoy but at least I’d know it wasn’t my pc’s issue.

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Deleting files? All I did was to rename my community folder & create a new one… then put it back as it was after updating.

As far as the update goes though., did you first download the update in the MS Store? (assuming you don’t have the Steam version)


I had this problem with the update - got to 5.12 GB then would fail decompressing one of the large fsbase multi-part files, fall back to 3.3 GB uploaded and did that at least 2x before I noticed it.

What I did is stop the download, close the sim/installer and restart the sim. When the installer started the second time, my download increased to 9.9 GB - and the installer started writing out each file part instead of buffering it. Got to about 9.8 GB and it started decompressing all those files and finished successfully.

Based solely on that anecdotal experience, it seems to me the installer had enough diagnostics to figure out why it failed the first time, and changed behaviors, which is great.

Yes, done all according to instructions and been here since launch.

There was the partially downloaded file as they said in the notes, deleting it did no good.

Will try again tomorrow.

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That’s exactly what happened during my update except I let mine go for 3 hours before I realized it kept going back. Once I realized it, I hit pause and then closed down the installer. When I relaunched it again from Steam it had 8.16 GB to download and proceeded to download the rest of the files. That is the first time a download didn’t go as expected for me since release day.

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I tried again and it finished WU5 (tried 3hrs later).

I renamed the file it wasn’t completing (as suggested by their release notes) rather than deleting it and popped the 2 just flight aircraft I had in community in a folder.

However, upon loading, I went to download the Update5 5G of data, it seemed to be going ok but CTD before the end.

I loaded it again and checked content manager to find that 7 files needed updating and 7 files from Nordic were not installed.

I selected th Nordic files to install and again near the end a CTD. Never before has that happened.

I’ve not even loaded the game. The game was totally reinstalled 10 days ago, has been very stable and there is pretty much nothing in community. I have a 64gb pc with i9 and a 3080. Iv had few problems but read all about the issues over the last 7-8 months.

This update seems a huge step backwards and for me I’ve lost a lot of faith that was borderline to say that least.

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My first attempt started looping with the TBM, so I killed the sim and restarted. Second attempt said only ~2GB, but started looping with eight of the “bigfile” packages - it would download all of them, barely start decompressing, then delete everything and restart. I shut it down again and deleted the two that had written to the folder, and restarted a third time. This time it was almost 10GB, but it was finally successful.

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