WU6 is awesome for me so far, anyone happy like me?

Am I the only one having a blast and enjoying this new update?
No CTD, smooth, all settings on ULTRA. VR.
I kept the community folder as is with all the 3rd party folders and no hiccups so far.

Thank you ASOBO, I’m enjoying it even more and can’t wait to try the new bush trips and scenery :slight_smile:


Yes. For me it is the best update yet. (I am a German😂) I have 3D photogrammetry for Frankfurt and Wuppertal and finally Stuttgart airport! I even have better FPS somehow.
Great Asobo!


Have you tried flying over New York at night yet…? Guess not


Nice! Mine was running well too. What specs and fps you seeing?

I deleted my roling cache and now my pre cache setting is gone? I’m a complete noob not sure if that is normal

Just managed a long flight in the a320 without the screens turning black/switching off during approach. This is the first time I have landed with a functional flight deck… I say landed, more of a controlled crash really but still happy.

Don’t know if this bug is fixed or this is a one off for me.

EDIT: Seems like the bug is still present and I got lucky, others still reporting this annoying black screen bug.


i just tested it for a few minutes, i have definetely lost a few frames in VR but it seems much smoother even with lower framerate. will do a few more tests tomorrow but i am quite pleased so far


Very happy, they fixed my most important issues it seems. There’s still a lot left and they just broke the night lighting completely but it never ran this smooth.


I’m so happy to see a positive post about WU6. I also have most settings set at Ultra, and I can land in LA without any stutters. What more could I possibly ask for.


I am happy. Sim is running strong and steady with washed out whites gone and terrain popping reduced considerably.


Nope. Two attempts to start a run; two CTD’s. Trying to determine which thing in community folder may be the culprit now. One thing at a time. Glad there’s only five of them. But good to hear it works for some. Maybe I will get past the 12 minute mark.


Have you tried turning the render scale to 100 for night flying? Yes yes… I know “we shouldn’t have to do any workarounds until they fix things, the sim should have zero bugs, we are paying customers, sim is destroyed yadi yadi yada”.


No cursor freeze yet, no ctd yet, altitude bug fixed, normally I would call it awesome, but the night lights are not allowing me to call it awesome, but yeah, tomorrow I will try long haul about 7-8hrs long. If Im gonna survive it without CTD together with working mouse and stable performance on approach, I will call it a win for now…many things are waiting to be fixed or introduced still

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I did,nice and smooth.
When taking off from KJFK now I’m able to see downtown Manhattan.


Reduce render scaling to 100 or below apparently fixes that issue.

Ive deleted my roling cache and now my pre cache settings in options have vanished.

Not sure if that is normal

So far so good with my earlier tests (daytime around Portland; confirmed that the “ultra” mode actually looks “ultra” again, with better draw distance and no more “pop-in” effect), next to test Los Angeles (day and night) and an IFR flight to see if the ATC works.

From what I hear, night light issues are related to render scale, and should not be a problem at render scale 100.

Ok, I had a couple CTDs around LA but that seems to be related to scenery mods – none yet since I removed a couple things. Will try to narrow that down in a bit.

Night lights look fine to me (render scale is 100%).

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Happy as well, but just did a very few quick tests:

  1. Update went smooth
  2. No CTD so far
  3. Tried spawning in KJFK, Manhattan skyline fully visible from the airport
  4. Tried spawning in Barcelona LEBL and flew with the drone to my house (a few miles from the Airport). Photogrammetry looking great
  5. Tried all my mods, including A320NX FBW Experimental, FS2Crew for FBW, etc., no problem
  6. No degradation in fps so far in most areas, with the new cache setting at High, and keeping terrain LOD at 4.0 on the config file.
  7. No popping effect noticed
  8. Flew from LEBL to EDDF (Frankfurt), ATC altitude bug solved. Frankfurt looks beautiful, even at night (see picture).
    My only concern is that around EDDF my frames drop from the usual 30 down to less than 20. May be the new scenery not being cached, and may be delay in fetching data from the overloaded servers. Will have to investigate that…
    So, so far so good, well done.

Thanks mate for help, but unfortunately this workaround wont help me, cause Im on Xbox, and Im not using the cache as I have stable 100Mbps download, but anyway thanks again

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I’m pleased ATC now takes me in steps all the way to flight level 27000+ withouit having to ask rather than just 14000 . The live weather problems seems to have been resolved and I didn’t get nagged to climb to a certain level when I had already reached it! To some extent they have fixed the problem ,when flying a A320, of having to change the planned ILS approach without having to use DIR to avoid circling.
I do think there needs to be an official statement as to how to load an update . It’s only through trial and error and hours of frustration that you realise Xbox has to be updated and the MS store needs to be accessed to kick in an update!:((
I’ve never come across software that refuses to work unless you install an update and are not clearly told how to go about it. It smacks of smugness. When it works, it’s brilliant!

Terrain in Switzerland is awesome now. Finally! :star_struck:
However, the morphing of the terrain in the mountains drives me crazy. So immersion-breaking :confused:
I hope one day they will be able to fix this. The new pre-cache option does not help. It helps for loading things that are not in your view… but it does not help for the overall big issue of mountains morphing like a dough or ice cream when you fly towards or away from them.


Really happy with the sim right now too. Performance is exceptional and it looks great!