WU6 is awesome for me so far, anyone happy like me?

Very good update concerning the stability and the smoothness of the simulator. But the world update in Austria is disappointing! Haven’t seen everything, but in the state of Vorarlberg, nothing changed. The ground textures are still blurry and don’t match in color, no POIs, no churches, no dams, many streets aren’t rendered correctly. It looks the same as it did before the update.

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Yes. I am very impressed by the ongoing improvements to performance. Flying complex aircrafts in demanding scenery with settings on ultra or in VR and handful of mods has never been so smooth for me.

Well… I made the mistake of flying to Dallas to enjoy a large city with photogrammetry, turns out that out of all the major US cities Dallas doesn’t have PG, and it looked somewhat cartoonish. Happy though I could fly.

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In order to get wu6 in Microsoft store, I had to download and install xbox app. Before wu6 I just had to sign into my Microsoft store account to run the simulator. Now I have to sign into xbox app, every time I want to use the simulator. Is this normal, or did I make something wrong? MSFS was purchased via Microsoft store.

It is definately awesome! But some areas look completely different now-> many brown fields instead of green due to a very dry summer when the new pictures were taken.

A bit disappointing is Cologne. There is a new railway bridge. But the station is still just a ground texture - like several other buildings next to the Cathedral (which looks unchanged). An update of Cologne would have been More interesting than Wuppertal of Bielefeld.

But nevertheless… thanks for the Great work!!!

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Hey, little late to the party. But my FPS got even better with pre-cache on “high”. It’s soooooo smooth! And I can do this for HOURS!

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It’s a good update

Who cares about New York at night… the Alps are all the rage now! :wink:

duck and cover


Haven’t you see the pattern yet? With Microsoft and Star Trek avoid the odd numbers.


Happy as well!

I never use the ATC, only IVAO/VATSIM, the atc has never worked well with AI traffic enabled

@Abriael I 100% agree woth that, haters feel the need to come to possitive topics to spread hate. I don’t see how anyone could consider this a bad update, since the only issue introduced is night lightning, but there is the easy workaround of just setting render scale to 100.


Yes a great update. Excellent flight in VR yesterday which restored my faith.
I have had problems in the past but for that one hour flight yesterday it was worth it.

Well I was advised that a mandatory update was available at Microsoft store and to download it before trying to launch again. There was no update there even though it showed I had MFS installed.
Tried to start several times with the same result.
Can anyone help please.

You need to download the xbox app in windows, the official MSFS account in twitter explained in detail how to do it in one of their latest posts :wink:

Nice to see some positive people for once, this forum recently has become unbearable with the same people spoiling every thread with constant rants.

Yes, it’s not perfect but it’s a step in the right direction


I have the xbox app already installed for some time. Every thing worked fine even after update five although I had to reload my community addons. This is just happened out of the blue. Have been trying all afternoon but no update has come in for me in Microsoft store.

I love it. I can definitely feel the visual quality improvement.

I have all on ultra in 4K now and it looks awesome and crisp.

The new areal photo data is also an improvement for somebody who flies 90% above Germany. So far all is stable. Also the new reflections do look good.

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Great update again!
I think some people dont understand the vastness of this simulator (it has the whole world with all natural elements injected in it). It will never be easy to fix everything so soon, or making it perfectly in the first place.

Every gadget in your house has issues, live with it!

Enjoy as it comes guys.



Of course its my hometown. So I love the new update even more.:laughing: (and it is called Schwebebahn)

Yeah man, I now remembered why I did not use forums before this lol some toxic people out there.

Only issues I have found so far are:
1- Night lights (easy workaround: set render scaling exactly to 100)
2- LEMD 32L ILS is broken and jetways are not there in LVFR scenery, but that is the job of the third party to fix.

Everything else works perfectly fine, with fps even higher than in SU5 thanks to pre-cached in Ultra.