WU6 - lack of POI and forests in Bavaria

Hello altogether.

I really love MSFS2020 and especially that many Addons, previously required for a breathtaking experience are now out of the box. I also love the fact that updates are regularly and free. Especially do I love the WU.

But, I discovered that with the latest WU6 for DACH, areas like my home state of Bavaria lack many tourist sites and sights. Compared to other states Bavaria only received one or two new POI.

That is odd, as Bavaria is one of the main tourist spots in Germany besides the Rhine Valley area and has many…

Castles eg. Burg Hoheneck or Schloß Herrenchiemsee, Residenz and Schloß in Würzburg
Churches eg Vierzehnheiligen
UNESCO sites like Bamberg
Monasteries like Kloster Weltenburg, Frauenchiemsee etc

Overall it’s surprising that also Scandinavia received churches with WU5, while Germany didn’t and even more that some states like Niedersachsen or Schleswig-Holstein have no POI, while others like Rhineland Paletine have a few ie it doesn’t seem equal.

The next issue is the deforestation especially in Bavaria. I know for sure that the area around Burg Hoheneck or Rothenburg ob der Tauber has dense forestry, while in the Sim only a few trees are scattered over images that clearly show a forest area. Lastly many images differ in colors by showing an arid month, while others are green.

On a side note I also wonder that cities like Helsinki, Oslo or Stockholm have photogrammetry in the likes of Google Earth or Bing maps, while in WU5 only Copenhagen made it to photogrammetry. How is it that a mod has to correct this?

I hope that abovementioned points will be corrected with a SU or another fix. It would increase the flight and in game experience tremendously.

Thanks for the updates so far and your open ear for your customers.

Kind regards.

… I guess what you are referring to here is the same topic that has been discussed in this thread:

Yep, but it’s only one point of many I wanted to enquire about.

Kind regards.

Hello @Neshama1983 ,

as this topic does not adhere to the guidelines it was closed.

For the tree issue, please use @nenenui 's linked topic .
Furthermore, it was not announced that these tourist sites should exist.
So the lack of mentioned specific handcrafted POIs are not a bug, but a wish that can be brought up in the #self-service:wishlist category.

Thank you