WU6 ... lack of vegetation (trees) in Germany (e.g. near Würzburg, Dortmund, Koblenz, Ramstein etc.)

I’m more worried that I couldn’t find a mountain north of Koblenz

There aren’t any mountains north of Koblenz! There are hills due north and over the Rhine from Koblenz but nothing more dramatic than that.

Flying south of EDVK. No vegetation at all and even the buildings are low quality.
I can’t get the trees back with gaining altitude. On my climb some trees even disappeared.


I am sorry if my use of the term “mountain” caused confusion.

Just kidding, I wasn’t really confused (Ich weiß, es gibt keinen Unterschied in Deutsch)… and as you can see on my screenshot the trees are still there so maybe you had a loading error

I did create a new issue for that visual artifact …

Ok, tried again, nothing has changed. Seem to be not an server problem.

Is anybody fit in open an Bug report to asobo?!?

I had the same problem (trees missing) just after the update was ready. Also had a mixed scenario in Frankfurt (some buildings were photogrametry some not). Deletting and reanabling rolling cache fixed that for me. Now everything is fine… :wink:

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Hey. Problem solved. Since now i click only chache on/off. Now i try to click “delete cache”.

Problem now solved. THANK YOU!!

For what it’s worth, I’m having the same issue on Series X…

Deleting the rolling cache works for me.

Yep, can confirm. Deleting the cache worked for me as well.

near EDLP (Paderborn) the same

Try to delete the rolling cache. That solved the issue for me.

okay, i will test it in a new flight later

Deleting the cache is a necessary step to see changes … but the cache does not seem to be the “primary cause” of the problem.

Somehow the data on the servers is still changing “underneath our feet”.

hey, i have in the near from EDLP (Paderborn) massiv reducing trees, i fly today from EDLP to EDHL (Lübeck) and in this area is all good !!!

Rolling Cache delete, this was not the Prpblem


same issue near of Minden / Weser Mountainarea.


Read post directly above yours


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