WU6 … Photovoltaic sites get drawn as groups of looong buildings

Prior to WU6 all PV sites that I have seen were only part of the sat ground image textures.

It seems like in WU6 the building detection system has been changed in some way … and now it seems to incorrectly detect PV sites as groups looong buildings.

While checking out some of the “deforestation” problems in Germany near Würzburg …


… I ran into this example of some PV sites near “Markt Bibart” (almost half way between Würzburg and Nürnberg, EDDN)

PV sites are interesting landmarks and getting them into the 3D space would be lovely … but if they come as bizarre buildings, then I would prefer them “undetected”.

I did check the OSM data for that site and it is properly marked (fenced) as a PV site.

So in a sense this topic is about two things:

1- A bug report … those buildings are “wrong” (and I guess there are now many such examples all over the world)
2- A feature request … please add proper 3D objects for PV sites (the panel rows, the fences, and perhaps even the substations which are associated with them)