WU7 and Sales

Hopefully we are blessed with some good sales with the release of WU7. I got an eMail form ORBX that they are putting some Australia stuff on sale.

Hopefully others join in and also put their stuff on sale. It doesn’t have to be Australia related to be on sale :slight_smile:

I live for sales and have bought a ton of stuff on sale!

OrbX already has an Australia-themed sale going on ATM.

WU7 - Do you know what time in EU?

2100Z, so convert to your time. So within an hour or so later local time, depending on where you’re actually located.

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Thanks, Denmark here :slight_smile:

22:00 for you then. God aften.

just flew into Longreach to view some of the aircraft at the Historical museum there


Is 10% off good enough for me to want to buy something? No.

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