WW2 Aircrafts training

If someone is inspired by Greg’s Airplanes and Automobiles YouTube channel or similar, if you have any airplane of that time, let’s do orientation flight training, landing and takeoff from aircraft carriers and nearby airports.
DC-6 fans can take off from NTTM.

You can download aircraft carriers from this page:

Tip: when taking off from the aircraft carrier, read your direction from the compass, and edit the wind in the menu from that direction around 40-45 kt (carrier speed 33+ wind). After takeoff, reset to the desired one or leave it to land again.

If you want to talk, not necessarily, I made a discord channel:

(I don’t know how to make and book an event on the official MSFS discord channel)

East Asia

What time?

September 23rd, 20:00, (GMT+02:00) Berlin