X-56 Throttle Question

I have a Logitech X-56 joystick/throttle, and tried my first real flight in the A320neo yesterday, and noticed a bit of an issue. Once setting the thrust levers to the CLB position, they periodically jump out of the detent in the sim, and require a readjustment to get them back to the correct position. Is there any easy way to fix this? I do have FSUIPC, but other than basic joystick calibration I am unfamiliar with setting things up here.

Also, as an aside, is there a convenient way to create the detents for the A320 throttles on my X-56? I’m not talking about hardware detents, but just rough positions that correspond in the sim.

Thanks in advance.

that’s because your throttle moves under its own weight when you leave it at the CL detent. You might need to tighten the tensioning knob on the side to make it as tight as possible (that’s what she said). So that the throttle would be stiff enough for it to not move when you leave it at the CL detent.

The downside to this is, the throttle would be very heavy to move, especially on final approach where you have to quickly move the throttle back to idle.

It’s one of the reason why I end up ditching my X56 in favour of the Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus edition.

I had the exact same issue as indeed if you tighten the screw it becomes much less volatile.