X box - All Download Fail - Progress bar flickers from Downloading to Pending to Downloading ever second

All Download Fail - Progress bar flickers from Downloading to Pending to Downloading ever second.

Running version 1.26.6, so up to date. It WAS working a few days ago, but now all attempts to download or update result in exactly the same behaviour.

I have stopped and restarted console, stopped and started MSFS, signed out and back in.

Any other ideas please ??

Mike H

How large is your reserverd space on the XB storage in this game? Try to delete the huge reserved space in the XB dashboard of this game. After that you must redownload all addons and upbdates again, but if it solves your issue, this may be the solution.

Thank you for responding.

All sorted now - you were very helpful

Mike H

First of all, I’m on a german XB so the following menu names are not exactly the same.

Also be informed, that this will delete all your FS-Download data (DLC, Addons, World Updates, Rolling Cache and everything else what is stored inside this huge file), but not your savegame. Also the bushtrip progression and training missions progression is stored inside this storage and will be lost. It’s a shame, that this progressions settings are not stored inside the Save Game instead. This is just stuipd.

I delete this storage myself from time to time, if the Game begins to make troubles like yours.

  1. On the XB Dashboard select the FS symbol and press the Menu-Button (Right of the XB Button).
  2. Select the option “manage game and addons” (or something similar)
  3. Select the third item “saved data” and open it.
  4. Here you see your savegame (your gamertag item, DO NOT DELETE THIS) and the Reserved Space item.
  5. Select the “reserved space” item and press A. (Here on my console it is actually 63 GB)
  6. You get now the option to delete this reserves space. Select “delete reserved space”.

Thats it. Now restart the FS and redownload everything from the FS market place ayou want to get installed. Hopefully this should fix your problem.

One problem of this XB Console reserved space is, that it grows and grows, but never shrinks. This is a XB OS limitation. So if you delete inside FS some Adons, the size of the huge file will not get smaller. As of this limitation redoing this steps will shrink the used file size on the console an can free right some space on the SSD if you just redownload what you realy need.

OK, I was to late with this long post and did not see yout answer. Hopefully anyone else can find this instruction helpfull in the future. :grinning:


Thank you so much for giving such a detailed reply. As it happens, I sorted out my problem by another method BUT
I am very grateful to you for the explanation of this “reserved” memory system. I had no idea it existed let alone how to deal with it should the need arise. Your effort to help me has been very instructive, and I now know a little more about how this xbox works !

Thank you

Mike H

Just for my interest, what other methode solved you problem? Eventually your other methode can help me at some point.

Pretty sure that ‘reserved space’ in MSFS is the amount needed to cover all add ons whether they are ‘installed’ in the system manager or not. So if you delete a 4 gig add-on, it’s out of the game itself but xbox reserves the space so you can always re-download/install it. Otherwise it will allow you to install other games without enough room to put the things you purchased/downloaded back on. You CAN delete the reserved space, but it ‘reserves’ it again as soon as you download the item. I’m sure it adds to that space when you assign cache as well, but I don’t know if it compounds that number if you clear/delete/reinstate it in any way. Probably not as if it did that every time I’d have gone through the entire TB from just experimenting with cache.

I removed at least 60 add-ons to try to get SU9 to not suck(which didn’t help much) and the reserved was the same size it always was. Put it all back on in SU10 beta except 2 items and nothing changed. Doing rough Rainman math, the reserved space is about right.

Being that the cache rarely does anything above 16gb(in beta it doesn’t seem necessary at all), not sure what it does when someone tries a ludicrous 100GB cache regarding the ‘reserved space’, and how long it keeps that space…

Sometimes with MS server/download issues just rebooting your own router/modem fixes it. I’ll have Marketplace DL speeds drop into the 20mbs or less range, while I can download a patch from the xbox main menu at 750+mbit/s in the same exact session. Reboot the modem and I’m back up to 150+ or faster(hard to tell because it pauses to install/decompress mid files), usually the highest it will count is 350 before it stops to do ‘something’(or it’s already over). Only does that with MSFS in-game. I do it once a week usually.

Habe das leider nicht verstanden: Wo finde ich das von dir beschriebene Menü? Ich kann seit Wochen nichts mehr downloaden oder updaten…

Vielen Dank!

Meine Beschreibung ist doch recht klar und detailiert. Was ist dir da nicht klar? Der Menu-Button ist die rechte kleine Taste neben der grossen XB Taste (3 waagrechte Linien). In dem nun angzeigten Menü kanst du den erwähnten Punkt auswählen und kommst dann zur FS Spielinstallation mit allen Daten. Hast du das Problem mit den DL nur im FS oder allgemein auf der XB?