X Box Series X with Thrustmaster Hotas ONE Sensitivity Settings DO NOT STAY SAVED

“a” button causes view swing to the right top.
It’s still binded with the pov stick top right.

So causes that I can’t use the a button at all

The same here😂

Same, each time I toggle the parking brake on ‘A’ the camera moves. I’ve cleared the bindings and rebound. Still the same.

I feel that the button numbers are correct now, but I’m having a few issues trying to bind buttons how I want.

U Need to delete the camera setting “move up right” from the pov stick… So either u got this not working view option for top right or u use the a button.

I personally have chosen the option not to use the a button for a smoother turn around of the view.

Btw to stay with the actual topic of this thread,
It’s getting embarrassing for Asobo/Microsoft to don’t get this problem solved that sensitivity stay saved… I mean it’s a function that worked on games for Nintendo 64 and PS1 already :thinking::joy:


So when will sensitivity be fixed?

I confirm, this update does not change absolutely nothing: the sensitivity settings are still not saved with the SU6 ( I even tried creating a new profile for the joystick, but it’s the same.

They may not have anyone to do it, however, they found someone to install Windows 11 on ours XBox. Ha, ha, ha, great comics :rofl:


It looks like the update in November is going to take care of some issues with the Hotas one. I have not played the game since week one because of these issues. If they are all it fixed I will permanently be done with the game for sure. But go look at the Game of the Year update and is shows a lot of fixes.

for me the device has taken care of itself. there is no good support.

They are the only game in town if you play on an XBox. Thrustmaster, you have lost my trust. I’ll look for any substitute when one comes out. I do appreciate that the key mappings were fixed but really… you can’t figure out how to save the sensitivity settings?

Later edit: OK I do see that it’s an Asobo issue but Thrustmaster is a partner in this and should assure that their product is properly represented.

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It’s Asobo not Thrustmaster…LOL

I had a great doubt: browsing this topic, I don’t see a mention of a Zendesk ticket, and wondering if someone had really open one for this issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So, I’ve done. Now we are sure that is issue has been reported to the dev team :wink:.

:ticket: Zendesk ticket : #131014

And don’t forget to VOTE for this issue (at the top of the topic). We have only 50 votes, but it’s certain that it impacted many more people.


I already think that this is being read and that the problem is known Asobo. You can’t be that stupid. I personally fly with a gamepad again. that’s done for me.
Right of return used.

Good idea. But if you want people to vote you should provide a link as just mentioning the Zendesk ticket number isn’t really helpful. I don’t know what to do with that, but I’ll Google it and see where that leads.

Update - I tried to find it to vote, but I gave up.

Can you tell me how I vote for : Zendesk ticket : #131014

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You can’t vote on a Zendesk ticket (and you cannot access it, unless you’re the author).
But, you can vote for the topic in the forum. Simply click on hte “vote” button located at the top of the topic:

So our hopes weren’t enough :joy:
I’ve already accepted flying with the joypad for some more time and maybe waiting for the new hardware due to be launched…


I’ve assumed third parties, like Thrustmaster, or other content providers are responsible for integrating their products.

Asobo have stated on multiple live streams that they have a daily catchup where they triage tickets from ZenDesk, and that the priority assigned to resolving an issue is based on the impact and number of people reporting.

As such, if all of us report this individually via Zendesk, then potentially this may rise up the priority list somewhat (or at least get acknowledged within list of known issues.)

I have personally raised a ticket around 2 months ago… can’t quite work out why the issue is not at least acknowledged by Asobo… even if it’s not a top priority issue for them…

Asobo… ignoring customers does not inspire confidence. Some of us understand that some issues are lower priority, and may take a while to sort… but really… some acknowledgement at least would be appreciated…


I have lost all interest. I have moved on to another game. Not playing until they fix it. No excuse for this at all.


Well said!! This thread has existed since launch… They’ve completely ignored their customers and worse than that… They lied about the support. Paying customers purchased the Hotas One/MSFS in good faith. Absolutely disgusting and vile practices that only get fixed when they get bad publicity.
This could’ve been hot-fixed so long ago… EA level contempt for MS/Thrustmaster now.