X52 MFD Radio controls

the available keybinds for controlling the radio are… not the most clear in their function, or in how to best lay them out. Due to this being something most don’t need, information on the topic is sparse at best, but using VATSIM is rather difficult without. I have already tried the MCA, but found it too unreliable to use on such a network, and a dedicated radio panel outside of my budget. Now, onto the actual question.

The MFD controls for the X52 Pro include 2 scroll wheels, each with a click (akin to MB3) and 2 separate buttons. The baked in use for these on the MFD is kinda cool, but also unnecessary if I can get this working.
I would like it laid out such that:

  • scrolling with the left wheel will scroll through MHz, and the right wheel through kHz.
  • The upper button to swap com1 active & standby, and the lower button to do the same with com2.
  • for the click for the left scroll wheel to swap whether they were scrolling on the comm1 standby or the com2 standby
  • and the click for the right scroll wheel changed which comm were active

These controls are a bit of a mess but it’s the simplest I can think of.

Much of this should be fairly simple to implement, for example I can scroll through MHz comm1 with the left scroll wheel, and kHz comm1 with right scroll wheel, but how to switch these to comm2 is a mystery. swapping which is active is also unclear. at least switching between active & standby on each com is simple enough. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Any guidance would be grealy appreciated