X56 Rudder axis

This may be a dumb question, but I got an X-56 HOTAS. I’m trying to map and set it up. I’m having trouble getting the rudder assign to the twist on the joystick. Flight Sim doesn’t recognize the twist function on the joystick. What is the axis for the rudder?

Rudder Axis >>—> Joystick R - Axis Z

Thank you, I’ll work on it today.

FS2020 still will not recognize the mapping of the axis: JoystickR-Axis Z.

I have the x52 but I ran into this when the game first launched, here’s what I did
In the joystick profile in the game, navigate to rudder axis, click on the empty binding box next to it, in the pop up the top option should be ‘START SCANNING’ click that then twist the stick.
That worked for me anyway

Pro tip:
I had a lot of random rudder inputs for a long time. The rudder would just go 100% one way or the other for a second when i would start to use it, you can check in the sensitivity settings in the game to see the curves if yours is doing the same thing, to fix it in the hotas app i changed the rudder to unprogrammed and it fixed the issue

Thanks, Izzy3d I’ll try that.

Well, that didn’t work. Must be a problem with the joystick itself.